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Anyone who knows me knows very well that I'm always on the hunt for the perfect skincare routine which is why I was super excited when I got the TULASARA products in the mail. If you're familiar with AVEDA then you're probably also familiar with the term Ayurvedic - moving towards balance. The concept for TULASARA comes from just that. Moving towards balance of the skin. If you follow my Instagram you might recall me promising a product review so here it is, my 30 days with TULASARA. 

What is TULASARA? As per AVEDA, it is a daily ritual inspired by Ayurveda: dry brushing exfoliates to help reveal smooth glowing skin and massage with 100% naturally derived oleation oil which awakens micro circulation and nourishes the skin. 

Aroma: One thing I absolutely love about AVEDA products is their pleasant scent. The signature aroma for TULASARA is rose, jasmine and geranium.

How to use: The concept of dry brushing for your face is very similar to dry brushing for your body. You use the dry brush to exfoliate your skin for one minute and then you proceed by massaging the oleation oil into your skin for another minute thus getting rid of dead cells and promoting natural cell turnover. There is a special way recommended for how you should massage the oil in (click here).  Let sit for four minutes. Afterwards, proceed with your daily skin care/wash routine. Apply the recommended concentrate (3 types) for you skin type. 

These concentrates restore firmer, brighter, calmer looking skin with 97% naturally derived, highly concentrated treatments. 

FIRM - tightens the skin
BRIGHT - brightens the skin (however it does not rid of any aging discoloration)
CALM - calms any breakouts or redness in the skin 

Price point: dry brush and oil, $89 US 
concentrates, $59 US 
both can be found on aveda.com 
(I will say that you are definitely getting your money's worth of product. These things will last you a good while!!)

Results: I am beyond obsessed with this product range. I definitely noticed results even after only a few days of using TULASARA. I'm still using these products and don't plan on stopping. (I use firm by the way!!) if you're feeling hesitant still, and live in a city where there is an AVEDA salon, you can drop by and give their TULASARA glow facial a try before purchasing the products. 

Post sponsored by AVEDA Middle East and Estée Lauder. 
All opinions are my own. 

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