Women Empower Eachother.


Last night I was sent a private message by someone I have never even met, let alone heard of before, full of insults and assumptions she had made of me based off of my social media. You know things that you can clearly tell by these little square photos shared on Instagram - everything from my career, slut-shaming, how I choose to spend my money (this one is the funniest one for me to make assumptions based off of social media) and my personal life decisions. I don't know if this girl, because I refuse to refer to anyone with such behavior as a lady, thought that her poorly made judgements would cause me to argue with her or feel angry, but instead I want her to know it made me sad.

It made me sad that in a world where women have fought so hard for equality and the rights to lead the lives we do, our biggest critics are other females. I am positive when I say that I am sure I am not the only female who has received such messages, or even been judged by another female face-to-face. I actually received a tremendous amount of direct messages from other females who could relate to this. Maybe it's been a rumor spread about you, a threatening message, or even a rude comment thrown your way to try and tear you down. Or maybe, you were once that female who acted out of anger, or as I like to put it - pure jealousy. Regardless, it's saddening how often this happens. It's 2017 people, come on! We live in a world where women have worked so hard before us to teach us how to lift each other up, how to empower one another.. and now, this?

I spent some time re-reading the message wondering how someone can be so bitter in their life that they feel the need to stop whatever they're doing in life, type out a very uneducated message and send it to someone they obviously know nothing about. And I decided that instead of replying (I mean who wouldn't feel the need to knock some sense into an individual like this) to take the high road and not give her the satisfaction of an angry response. I mean I've been around social media long enough to learn to block things like this out and not let it bring me down. But I did want to share this because it doesn't matter if this has been done to you OR by you - it's not ok.

It doesn't matter what triggered someone to send a message like this or feel the need to insult another women. At the end of the day, we have choices, and everyday choice we make is a direct reflection of who we are as humans. We can take the easy path of bitterness and heavy hearted behaviors. Or, we can challenge ourselves to keep empowering other women and set an example of what it means to be a supportive, independent, EDUCATED woman!

As women, I think we owe it to other females before us, ourselves and the future of female to support and encourage each other. It takes a lot of mindfulness, and apparently common sense, to treat others the way you want to be treated. I said this last night and I'll say it again - kindness and happiness go hand in hand. The kinder you are to others, the happier you'll be.

To you,
I hope whatever caused you enough anger and bitterness in your life to send such judgmental and hateful words to someone you don't even know is something that you work on individually - or maybe with the help of a strong women who empowers other women.

To everyone else reading this,
I hope you take it upon yourself to end a vicious cycle of women hating women. I hope you find it within you to choose love instead of hate; to empower women and encourage them to be the best they can be.

"Girls compete with one another.
Women empower each other."

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