Hey guys!
I've always said that one of the best things about having this job is being able to hear about new products and test them out. Two weeks ago I recieved a package in the mail from an Instagram account which had contacted me (@brushmeworld). I want to make it clear that I do not review every product that gets sent my way as I choose to only review the ones that I think I would actually use, BUY and genuinely recommend to others. After doing my research I decided I was all for this brand.

This product is an organic teeth whitening paste. The main purpose is to get rid of stains and plaque therefore resulting in a healthier and whiter smile. I have always tried different forms of teeth whiteners but lately I've been into more natural skin care products and what better way to keep it going than switching over to an all natural teeth whitener too?

Another reason I decided I wanted to give this product a try was because I have a lot of followers whom are vegan so this would be great for them. It's 100% vegan friendly!!I got three different flavours - fresh mint, with care and a limited edition flavor, cinnamon. My favorite would have to be with care; it's very soft and makes me feel very refreshed afterwards.

It's honestly not hard to figure out how to use this paste at all but they've attached a HOW TO brochure along with their package. It's easy to use and the package includes every you need for use - including the wooden sticks.

I have been using this for two weeks now and I definitely see results. You can follow my Instagram stories for videos/pictures of results (@dalawaid). The prices are very affordable. You can purchase one tub for $29.50 CAD. Like come on, it really does not get better than that.

You can also use discount code 'PROMO30' for 30% off of all orders and shipping online.

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