Holding On and Letting Go.


I'm still learning how to let go.

The things we hold on to in life differ from one person to another -- some weigh you down while others keep you together. I've discovered that certain things in life are harder to let go of due to the mere fact that some things you experience in life will change you forever.. trauma, abuse, neglect etc. I've also discovered that as human beings we keep so many things close to our heart, however, we do not need to hold on to it all.

There are some things that you should let go of. 

It might be stress. It might be the belief that you are not good enough. It might be the mistakes you made while you were trying to find yourself.. but instead ended up losing yourself, or it might be the half-hearted attempts you've made trying to pretend that you never did. It might be the constant battles in your mind of the comparisons you make every time you're surrounded by your peers. 

Let go. Let go of the relationships that broke your heart and the promises left unkept. Let go of the words you can't take back.. the ones that were never said.. and the ones that were never received. Let go of the friendships that didn't grow with you. 

I don't know much for certain but what I do know is that life experiences weigh heavily on people's hearts and that it becomes very easy to consume yourself with emotions such as anger, shame, loneliness, sadness, anxiety and fear. We hold onto the moments that led us here. We hold onto past hurts, painful memories, failed expectations -- and they do nothing except make us feel entirely broken. I'm writing this now because I think if you read this, and give it some thought, you'll find that what you're holding onto are the same things that are keeping you stuck in one place.

How would you feel if you let go of it all?

Take some time to really think about the things that weigh heavily on your heart. Acknowledge your past and choose to move on. Find out what your weaknesses are then use them to help you grow. Heal the broken parts of you through self-love; self-acceptance, confidence, healthy choices, goals... and most importantly, learn that you can only truly accomplish any of this after you learn to let go.

You let go by realizing what it is you are holding on to and how it is impacting your life. You let go by dropping all negative energy from your life. You start to choose one happy thought over another. You exchange unhealthy behaviours for healthy ones. You forgive. You accept. You allow yourself to know when you are wrong, and to be okay with being wrong. You recognize that you can let go of things in your life without losing your self-motivation, fearlessness and pride.

Letting go, for me, means being at peace with yourself. It means deciding what moments you will let define you and what won't. It means giving yourself enough space, and courage to grow.. to change. You let go in order to remind yourself that life is just one big learning process and not everything is meant to be carried through until the end. It is the most genuine form of self-love that we can give ourselves.

“The happiest people are the one who have mastered life's hardest lesson.
They've learned how to let go”  
- Romina Russell

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