Top 10 Lessons I've Gained from 2016


Hey everyone!

After I published my holiday blog post I started to think of some New Year's resolutions I may have of my own but that just got me to thinking; why do we focus so much on what we haven't achieved or learned yet instead of noticing what we have? I took time to reflect on my past year, and at just 23, I am super thankful that I can say 2016 has taught me a lot of very important life lessons. It was probably one of my hardest years, emotionally, but looking back at it now I cannot be any more proud that I am walking away with some valuable life lessons.

10. You have absolutely no control over the big thing things in life, so make the little ones count:
You have no say in how everything in this world is going to turn out but you can control your own actions. Be kind to people who may need it. Put a smile on a stranger's face. People remember the little things a lot more than you think.

9. Communication will be the answer to almost all of your problems:
Whether its your job, your parent(s), friend or partner -- talk to them. Acknowledge what is happening or you're going to create a million other problems avoiding the original one.

8. Stop trying to impress everyone:
Seriously! I've said it before and I'll say it again. Someone is always going to have a different opinion than you. Don't try to please them.. focus on yourself.

7. The most important thing you'll ever invest in is yourself:
Take the extra classes. Read books. Meet new people. Volunteer. Travel. Keep learning and growing because knowledge is power. That's one thing no one can ever take away from you.

6. Pick and choose your battles:
Life is way too short, and dealing with drama you shouldn't have to is just a waste of your time. Sometimes letting things go means nothing more than that you're growing up. Not every situation needs a reaction. Let it go and move on.

5. Take advice:
It took me a hell of a long time to start doing this but it's probably one of the more important one's I have learned this year. Your parents, siblings, managers; they're only giving you advice because it's true. They want the best for you, and I know it's hard to see at the time, but they know what they're saying. Take their advice. You'll thank them later.

4. No one is perfect:
It's ok to be wrong. You're only human. Admitting you were wrong, or that you need help, is completely fine. It's not a sign of weakness.

3. "You are a combination of the five people you spend the most time with":
I've heard this quote many times before but it wasn't until this past year that I have really come to understand it. If you feel like you need to change your life, you have to start with the people you surround yourself with. The people closest to you should be your support system; if they're not contributing to your life positively than they're not contributing to your life at all.

2. Friends come and go:
Which brings me to this life lesson.. just because someone was in your life for ten, or fifteen, years doesn't mean they need to stay. People change and so do the relationships in your life. You grow and sometimes the people you were close to are no longer going to move forward in life with you. But that's the thing; you don't need to be sorry for any of this. It's life. We all change.

1. You create your own happiness:
If you think money, or a certain job, or someone is going to make you happy -- you're wrong. It took me 23 years to learn that happiness is something you create. You have to go out and chase the job you want. Any money you earn from a job you hate won't mean much to you. And you will never be happy with someone else unless you are happy with yourself first. So break out of your comfort zone and go chase your own happiness. It'll be worth everything.

If you gain anything from this post I hope it's that you take the time to look back on your year and realize you have something to celebrate. It may not always seem like it at first but when you look back, you'll realize how far you've come.

Cheers to 2016.

Photos taken by @akrmhyz

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