Let's Talk About Aleppo.


Hey everyone!

If I could use the voice I have gained from this platform by raising even the slightest bit of awareness on what is happening in the world then I'll be content. For the most part my blog has been very fun and laid back but there's a time and place for everything; right now - it's time to talk.

Let's talk about Aleppo.
Let's talk about the biggest city in Syria and one of the oldest in the world. Let's talk about how it is being destroyed, or what's left of it at least, as we speak. Let's talk about how children are being killed and women choosing to kill themselves in fear of being raped. Let's talk about how the rest of the world, well.. the rest of the world is barely even acknowledging it.

Let's talk about Aleppo.
Let's talk about why the world cried for New York, Paris, but has remained silent for Aleppo. Let's talk about the 400 000 people who have lost their lives in Aleppo thus far. Let's talk about the hundreds posting their final goodbyes online for the world to see.

Let's talk about humanity.
Let's talk about how humans are being tortured and killed every second of everyday. Let's talk about these people living in fear 24/7. Let's talk about how they have been stripped of everything; hospitals, churches/mosques, houses being bombed daily. Let's talk about how there is absolutely nothing humane about that.

So, let's talk about Aleppo.
Let's talk and talk and talk until we are heard and Aleppo is given the help it deserves. Let's talk for these civilian who have fought for their rights just the same as you and I have. We have been silent for years as a mass genocide has taken place right before us. But now, I urge you to break the silence.

Let's talk about Aleppo.
Let's spread awareness.
Let's help.

"I decided it is better to scream. Silence is the real crime against humanity."
― Nadezha Mandelstam 

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