3 Things More Important Than Gifts This Holiday Season


Hey guys!

It's mid-December and the holiday's are quickly approaching. Whether it's Christmas, Hanukkah, or whatever other religious holiday you may take part in -- it's almost here. Time's are getting more and more hectic, the malls are getting chaotic, and the people eager to just fly home for the holidays.

Last night, the holiday season really hit me for the first time since I've been in Dubai as my work hosted a Christmas dinner for all staff. There was about forty of us and we attended Sofitel Hotel for a nice evening filled with good food and even better company.

We also had our very own round of Secret Santa (yes, I know.. I thought this stopped as you got older haha, but I love it!). Being a part of these festivities really made me reflect on what the holiday season is all about. We get so caught up in dressing up and handing out gifts (which is OK) that we often forget to take a step back and focus on the more important things.

1. Appreciate others' presence more than presents:
Being so far away from home makes me often remember not to take the presence of my loved ones for granted and it is definitely emphasized during the holiday season. Having everyone I know fly back home to be with their friends and family makes me reflect on my previous holidays home. However, this year it also makes me very grateful for being welcomed with open arms into such a wonderful team at Aveda, and all they've done for me thus far.

Take the time to set your glasses down, push the presents aside and really be in the moment with the ones you love. Old or new, be grateful for the people in your life this year.

2. Give:
I usually go out and spend lots of my own money shopping for superficial items to hand over to my friends. I'm not saying that's not necessary, but if you have less people to give gifts to this year; give! Seriously, take some time (and money) out of your everyday routine and give it to someone who might need it a little more around this time of year. Here in Dubai, I find it very easy to give back to others' as it is something they focus on and encourage a lot of us to do. So no matter where you are, try it out.

It doesn't even have to be money; have a conversation with someone in the street who looks like they may need it. Give them your time.

3. Focus on Yourself Too:
As I've gotten older I've come to realize that while it's important to think of other's always, especially on the holidays, it's also very important to think about yourself. Take time this holiday season to reflect on how far you've come the past year and set goals for where you'd like to be by the end of this year. I know, I know.. it sounds so cliché to have New Year's resolutions, but seriously, it's actually a good thing to see how far along you've come. Congratulate yourself. Be proud of yourself. And set your mind in the right direction to only grow for the next year.

I feel super blessed for every high and every low in my life that's led me to this point in my life. I'll definitely be taking the next two weeks to reflect on my past year and refresh my mind -- set my own goals for the new year.

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Shoes: Bershka

Enjoy the holidays :)

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