17 Goals for 2017


New Year's Eve.. wow! I cannot believe a year has passed by already. Everything this past year happened so fast in both my personal and work life but it's been an unforgettable one.

While I'm a firm in believer in not needing New Years resolutions in order to kick off a new year and be content; I do believe you have to work for what you want and create your own happiness. 

This year I want to take all the life lessons I've learned in 2016 (see previous post) and allow them to help me achieve my goals. Therefore, I've put together 17 goals ( 3 financial, 10 personal and 4 career goals) that I believe will go hand in hand with the path I'll be on to leading a healthier and much happier life. 

1. Save 20% of every pay cheque 
2. Put my own happiness first 
3. Invest fully in whatever I do in life (both personal and career life)
4. Let go of toxic relationships no matter who it is
5. Meet new people and try new things 
6. Be debt free by 2018 (bye bye student loans!!!!) 
7. Donate to charity every month 
8. Build up a brand new clientele in Dubai to match the one I had at home, or better
9. Update my blog weekly to help me reflect and keep track of my progress 
10. Send my parents to Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca)
11. Kick start my collaboration with KASEME and The Chrons's and Colitis Foundation of Canada 
12. Sponsor a child 
13. Travel - Italy, Turkey, Greece 
14. Go back to university
15. Pick up kettle bell classes 
16. Bring my parents to Dubai 
17. Volunteer with those less fortunate 

Everyone's New Years resolutions are going to differ. They're personal and my list means a lot to me. There's a lot of purpose behind each one of these goals; there's no need to get into the details though - it's a list created for your use and benefit only.. no one else. 

Make a list. Accomplish everything slowly. Check things off. Reflect back next New Year's Eve. 

I hope you all have an amazing kick off to the new year. BE SAFE!! 

Goodbye 2016
Hello 2017. 

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