10 Things You Learn from Moving Abroad.


Moving is always exciting no matter how far or near you're going. It's also terrifying at times. You leave everything you've ever known behind for a permanent change; jumping into something unknown. Moving to a new country is one of the scariest, most thrilling things you'll ever do and ultimately it'll teach you a lot.

10. You learn how to be alone:
You settle into a new city on your own; forcing you to gain more trust in yourself and all of your decisions. You face a lot of your fears of being on your own and actually realize it's not that bad after all. If anything, you'll learn to enjoy your own company more than others'.

9. You appreciate more things in your life:
Home, family, friends. You get a chance to reflect on new experiences while still keeping in mind the ones you've gone through in the past. You'll find yourself quickly becoming more grateful for the things, and people, you've left behind.

8. You become wiser:
Being in an entirely new atmosphere definitely expands your knowledge and forces you to gain a new perspective on life. You discover new cultures and traditions beyond the small town you've spent the past 20+ years of your life living in.

7. Patience:
As if moving across the world isn't scary enough on its own, you then have to adapt to an entirely new setting. All things take time; settling in, working, learning how to navigate -- in the end, it's all
worth it.

6. You'll never be able to please everyone in life, so please yourself:
The more places you see and people you meet, the higher the chances of interacting with people who have different opinions than you. No matter where you are in the world, what you do is going to piss at least one person off. Someone will always make sure you are aware of it; that's not your problem. Always put yourself first.

5. It'll change you:
Moving to a new country will change you forever. You develop a new independence. You start discovering a passion for things you've never done before (whether it be cooking, hiking or even writing). You'll always make new things a priority in your life and ultimately forget about things you spent your time obsessing over for the past 10+ years.
You'll also start to let go of meaningless relationships in your life. You're way too far away and way too invested in yourself to let anything all the way on the other side of the world ruin that for you.

4. You can do a lot more in life than you give yourself credit for:
Leaving everything you've ever known behind is the most challenging thing you'll ever have to do in your life but it'll force you to push your own boundaries and really put yourself out there. You gain a new job, new home and new friends -- an entirely new life really. It's the farthest thing from easy but once you've done it, and gotten past the most challenging part, suddenly any other challenges in life seem to be 10 times more possible.

3.Language barriers are worldwide:
Moving to a country whose two most common spoken languages happened to be two which I speak fluently, I didn't think this would be an issue... boy, was I wrong! No matter where you move to this will always exist; different dialects and new slang are always gonna be challenging at first.

2. People are a lot kinder than you think:
The best way to learn anything in a new atmosphere is by simply asking people and 99% of the time they're going to be thrilled to help you out. After just a week in a new country, you'll discover that speaking to strangers is actually more common than not.

1. 'Home' will always be waiting for you:
When things get too overwhelming, or you sense a craving for something a little more familiar, you can always go back home. The places you've left behind won't be going anywhere; neither will the people you discover matter the most.

Photos by @akrmyhz

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