Hey everyone!

This past month I got to come back to Halifax for a visit and let me tell you, there are very few things in life better than being back on the East Coast.

You miss the most simple things about the place you call 'home' once you leave. For me, it was the fresh air and the scenery. Being surrounded by palm trees sounds amazing I know but it made me realize how beautiful my home was and how much I took it for granted. So of course I played tourist on my trip home haha.


Although being away was very hard on me at times I am forever thankful for all of the things it has taught me so far; who I want to be as a person and who I want to surround me in that journey to get to where I want to be.


Most importantly I think the best thing I've learned thus far has been that there is absolutely nothing more exciting or scary as packing up and moving to a new city on your own but it's definitely worth it -- and home will always be waiting for you to come back.

Off to Paris now and then back to Dubai.
Thanks for the good times, Halifax.

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