As a blogger I often receive products to review and if I'm being honest, they don't all make the cut. I like posting about products I would re-use, re-purchase and love to have sent my way again.

Two weeks ago I received a package of goodies in the mail consisting of many products including two bottles of Ascenta Skin oral treatments. I was hesitant at first to take these pills, however, the more research I did on the product the more I was eager to try it. 
Less than a week ago I decided to start this treatment (4 soft gels a day) and within these past few days I have noticed tremendous changes in my skin. The pills create a balance for your skin and evens it out - no more redness, no more roughness and lots more hydration. 

For $80.00 this bottle is worth every penny you spend on it. (Available in US & Canada) 


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