The Essentials for Every Girl //REVIEW


As a fashion and beauty blogger I get to try new products often. I'm always up for something new but there are a few products I always find myself going back to. These are what I like to call The Essentials for Every Girl. Summer is almost here and when you're unsure of what you should or should not pack while travelling, these essentials are definitely a MUST!

1. Eye Make Up Remover //MARCELLE

When it comes to make up the one thing I cannot go without is eye make up. It makes eye make up remover the first on my list of essentials. I've tried many different make up removers, including wipes and creams, and I come back to this brand, always. I find it perfect because it is made for sensitive skin. I don't get any reaction to it and it removes my black mascara without leaving black marks around my eye. 

2. Face Wash //CLEAN & CLEAR
Face wash is a must have no matter the season! I find myself always using Clean & Clear. However, I do have oily skin which gets worse during the summer due to heat; so I rely on their oil-free line. It's the only face wash I've used and been 100% satisfied with. I do also use their toner every night.

3. Razors //SCHICK

What greater summer essential do you need besides razors? Nothing. Schick's new line, Intuition, is honestly the perfect razor for every girl. The razor itself comes with several different razor blades including moisturizers for dry skin, sensitive skin, etc. It's perfect for travelling and leaves your legs feeling smoother than ever. I find it to be the perfect brand because they give you so many options, it's hard NOT to find something for you.

These include sensitive skin products, extra moisturizer blades and dry skin products. If you do not own this razor I would definitely recommend it. You won't regret it!

4. Red Nail Polish //SALLY HANSEN
I always have to have my nails done. When I travel I find it hard to pack up all my nail polish and constantly change my nail colour so during the summer, and on vacations, I rely on red. There is nothing you can not wear while having red nails. It's classy, fun and girly! You can honestly never go wrong with red nails. Sally Hansen's no-chip nail polish is my favourite. It stays on for days on end, has a great shine to it and the brush is perfect.

5. Mascara //TOO-FACED

Of all the make up products I buy I think it's safe to say that I spend the most money on mascara. I love trying different kinds of mascara but I always go back to Sephora's Too-Faced mascara. From going to the beach, festivals and work, minimal make up is very common during the summer time. Although eye liner is not necessary, mascara is a MUST. It's the one product I have to have on at all times. Too-Faced offers their queen sized brush which gives you the perfect amount of volume and boldness for a no-eyeline look. 

6. On-The-Go Clutch or Wristlet //MICHAEL KORS

Being on the go is going to make it very hard to always switch purses. As much as I love accessorizing I find that most days during the summer I go back to carrying a wristlet around with me. This Michael Kors wristlet is my absolute favourite. The colour goes with every outfit in my closet, it has a place for my iPhone and the perfect amount of card holders. It's definitely one of my better purchases. 

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