Sally Hansen //REVIEW


Anyone who knows me knows that I am a nail polish fanatic. I always love having my nails done according to season and outfit. I guess you could say I'm very, VERY, girly so when I received some new mani/pedi products from Sally Hansen (through VerveGirl magazine) to test out I was excited!

 I was given a foot filer, nail filer, nail clipper, cuticle clipper, a top coat and three beautiful polish colours - Pink a Card, Fiery Island and I Lilac You - perfect Spring shades!

 The first thing I wanted to do was give myself a manicure. I absolutely love having my nails done and these were the loveliest colours. I used the cuticle clipper, nail clipper and nail filer to get my nails ready.

The "squoval", a cross between square and oval, was the perfect shape for these colours. It's also Sally Hansen's beauty editors' favourite shape!

Pink a Card

Fiery Island

I Lilac You

All three colours looked beautiful on. My favourite would have to be "Pink a Card", it's the perfect Spring shade and goes well with many of my outfits. I absolutely loved the brush on these polishes and the top coat helped give it the extra shine which helped emphasize it's colours.

I definitely recommend Sally Hansen for any girly girls out there. I also recommend the entire kit because not only is it perfect for manicures, but the foot filer is the perfect tool to get your feet looking great for sandal season!

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